Roofing Services

We offer a multitude of services. Please feel free to contact us for a FREE QUOTE or if you have any questions. Click here to view our past projects.

Roof Coating

Choose A.C.W. Roof Coatings as your industrial or commercial coatings specialist. We give you access to our years of experience, and quality service. Your roof can be restored with our roof coating services. Our roof coatings are energy efficient and will give you a leak free roof without the hassle of a replacement.

Our roof coatings expand and contract to restore your roof quickly & efficiently. We can apply coatings to a variety of roof tops including:

Modified Bitumen
Sprayed Foam
Rusted Metal

Commercial Painting Interior & Exterior

New paint can add new life to your building and protect it from damage by water, rust, corrosion, insects and mold. Our specialists are well prepared to handle your painting project.

Industrial Painting

ACWR has experienced  painters that have the special equipment needed to complete your industrial painting project.

Sand Blasting

We provide sand blasting which will remove contaminants and smooth surfaces by forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface under high pressure.

Electrostatic Coating Industrial/Commercial

Electrostatic Coating is a manufacturing process that employs charged particles to more efficiently paint a surface. Electrostatic Coating can be used to paint metal more efficiently.


Our roof coatings/seal allow your roof to last much longer and protect the roof from rainfall and other conditions.

Interior Construction

We will bring our special crew of contractors and provide an inside finish to the building.